ITS Factory - the future of intelligent transport

Urbanisation and growing volumes of traffic create new challenges for transport. Intelligent transport solutions improve people's ability to move about smoothly, safely, and in an environmentally friendly manner.

In ITS Factory, solutions are sought for these challenges through the close cooperation of the public and private sectors. ITS Factory is an innovation, experimentation, and development environment cooperated by the city of Tampere and companies from relevant sectors.

The Tampere City Region is an important forerunner in the field of intelligent transport, facilitates the testing of new solutions and development for intelligent transport, and benefits from solutions that improve the functionality, predictability, safety and efficiency of the transport system.


Our goal is

Business driven solutions for smooth, safe and sustainable transport system.

ITS Factoryn strategia 2017-2022

ITS Factoryn Strategia 2017-2022

ITS Factory Roadmap

ITS Factory Roadmap

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