Hermia Group offers expert services to companies to support their own product development. The scope and depth of the services depend on the nature of the company's project and the level of strategic goals.

Confidential R&D projects

Company-specific product development projects which typically involve experienced researchers from the Tampere University of Technology (TTY) as development resources. Hermia Group offers its clients a comprehensive service in the form of a project for solving the product development challenges as defined by the client.


In Demola, highly motivated students work together with companies to create operational demos based on the ideas and problems put forward by enterprises. The Demola project is an effective tool in speeding up research and development work, building sustainable university-level cooperation, while at the same time making it possible to find new young talent. More than 1200 students have taken part in the Demola projects. In addition to Tampere, the growing international Demola network currently operates in Vilnius, Budapest, Oulu, Maribor, Norrköping, Lincöping, and Malmö/Lund.

Corporate group projects

Development consortia formed by several companies, with unifying factors such as technology, area of business, the refining chain, or market area. Companies develop solutions together, and typically acquire the necessary research expertise, in which case the whole proves to be effective and fruitful. Hermia Group's role is to function as a compiler of products, and as a coordinator.