Hermia Group offers coordination services for cooperative networks of industry and research. For emerging networks Hermia Group offers its expertise in the establishment of networks and the launching of operations. Examples of active networks at the moment include FIMA, Tampere Game Factory, and Photonics Finland.

FIMA - Forum for Intelligent Machines

FIMA is a cooperative forum which brings together the Finnish expertise in moving power tools. The goal is to promote the competitiveness of Finnish industry and to direct top-level research and product development in the field according to the needs of industry. FIMA activities were launched in project form at Hermia Group in 2006. In April 2008 FIMA became a registered association whose operations are coordinated and developed by Hermia Group: www.fima.fi

Game Factory

Companies in the game sector are developed by combining sector-specific and cluster-based development services with the activities of innovation clusters.

ITS Factory

ITS Factory is a Tampere-based innovation, experimentation and development environment that seeks solutions to the challenges of intelligent transport through public and private sector co-operation. ITS Factory builds the future of the Finnish intelligent traffic by opening data, crating test sites, ensuring the effective use of standards and catalyzing co-operation between different ITS players. Some examples of the activities are ensuring the smooth flow of public and non-motorized traffic, as well as parking, using information and communication technologies and improving the transport safety and environmentally friendly transport: www.hermiagroup.fi/its-factory