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Innovation and product development expert

We offer coordination of industry and research networks, high-tech product development services and efficient innovation platforms and processes.

Bringing together the know-how and skills of business, public sector and research. A fast track in connecting with Finnish companies and research organisations in the field of mechanical engineering.

Hermia Group's products includes different kinds of services for innovation, training, coaching, start-ups, product development, and networking. We give companies and organisations access to high-quality research information, experts who are the most skilled in their fields.

We have long traditions in the development of business activity environments in fields including mechanical engineering and automation, information technology, and energy technology. Our clients include private companies, the public sector, and individual persons - students, for instance.

The Hermia Group comprises New Factory Ltd. and Tamlink Ltd. New Factory Ltd. has long been a bellwether for open innovation activities. Tamlink Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience in linking industry and the world of research for the promotion of private companies and public organisations.

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